March 22, 2006

yada yada yada (for the 2nd day in a row):

This morning I've been listening entirely to the beautiful music of Pete White. His 4 CD box set is still among the best 10£ I've ever spent! Hopefully someday he'll make a few more songs available than the two below!

Go [mp3]
Hold Your Hand [mp3]

According to the official webpage Keane is to release a new album called Under The Iron Sea on 12th June. I did like the debut album quite a lot, but since I have a growing tendency of loathing over hyped music, I'm seriously afraid that I will turn my back to it.

The link for the excellent Kill Her Off by The Ropes is dead, so I was "forced" to remove it from my list of Current Favorites. It has been replaced by the really great RAMJAC by Swedes Convoj.

tWAMi (solo project of Anamia keyboardist Mogens Møller) has recorded another cool instrumental electro-rock track called Got The Power [mp3]. Check it out!

Peter strikes again and recommends the terrific Knee Deep And Down [mp3] by UK indie band The Rain Band.

Danish elctro, pop, trip hop 5-piece Powderdust released their debut album Minding The Gap last week. Two tracks from the album are availble at Myspace and especially Bet You 2 (first single of the album) is really good!
Bet You 2 [mp3]
Declare Your Dub [mp3]

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