April 21, 2006


Got to bed very late last night (was in the theater with my colleagues and saw this) and when I finally fell asleep I slept really terrible. Happy that it's Friday!

I mentioned Breakfast In NYC by Oppenheimer a while back and I still think it's a perfect pop song!
+ Breakfast In NYC

A couple of demos by Bordeaux (the new band of Andy of Autumn Thieves) have been uploaded to Myspace for streaming. Incomplete but very promising. Will be interesting to see/hear what the future will bring!

I'm getting a little exposure on the Myspace profile of Kind Of Girl.
+ Poetry Boy No longer on my Current Favorites list, but still a damn fine song!

Danish band Amstrong released their 3rd album called Lack Of You in August last year. I haven't listened to it, but the 2 songs available as free downloads are pretty good!
+ Take Me Out Tonight
+ To Be Kind

Two great posts:
Coast Is Clear on Monster Movie and Absolut Noise on I'm From Barcelona.

Last week I downloaded these 4 songs by nice US indie pop band Benko. Indie and vibraphone? Apparently it is possible!
+ '84 Gran Fury
+ East Side
+ Moo Shoo
+ B-Movie Prod.

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