April 27, 2006

Juno Bell

Earlier today I received a ”friend” request at Myspace from Danish rock quartet Juno Bell. Even though the band plays a kind of rock music I haven’t paid much attention to in recent years (influences include Pearl Jam, Incubus etc.), I’ve nonetheless decided to give the band a little exposure. Maybe because I have a soft spot for little known Danish artists, but also because I have to admit that their music isn’t bad at all (quite an understatement). So if you’re into American inspired rock I'm pretty certain that you'll like the music of Juno Bell as well!
+ A Heart Eclipse Of Stone
+ Run
+ Gamma Flash

Two band members have recorded a few other songs under the name Madrigal. The music is a little more pop/acoustic and very, very good!
+ Entitled To This one is absolutely wonderful!
+ Headlong

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