April 20, 2006

The Knight In Plaster

I normally expect my “friends” at Myspace to post bulletins when they have updated their profiles, because checking out more than 600 profiles regularly is quite a task. However I’ve realized that this is not always the case, so once in a while I check the "quiet ones" to see if anything has happened.

So last night I cruised by the profile of The Knight In Plaster (a Scottish indie pop band/one-man project I “befriended” some months back) and was quite happy to see that 3 new songs are available.

I know I often use the term “charming”, when describing the music of indie pop bands, but rarely has it been more appropriate to use than in the case of The Knight In Plaster. Maybe "tongue-in-cheek" need to be added as well.

The 4 songs are obviously in great debt to Belle & Sebastian (which definitely isn't a bad thing), so I won't hesitate to recommend all of them as catchy little gems.

+ My Girlfriend Tried To Run Me
+ Treat Me Gently
+ A Nasty Piece Of Work
+ Charlie's Been Cutting Her Arm

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