April 11, 2006

Lost In The Desert

Damn; it's a fast moving world. I've been away from the computer for 3 days and I feel like tons of things have happened. Would be very nice if bloggers stopped blogging and bands stopped writing music while I'm not online.

Peter and Chris are high on the new song by The Monday Photo called Fall. Chris calls it "One of the best songs that New Order never wrote", which isn't completely untrue. Stream it here.

The song by The Monday Photo was produced by Omar 7 of Francis 7. I Can't Feel My Heart Anymore by this band is now available as free download. The song is quite nice, though I think the shoegazer Splitting In Two is their best one so far.
+ I Can't Feel My Heart Anymore
+ Splitting In Two

New (and eagerly awaited) album Pet Grief by The Radio Dept. gets 4 out of 6 stars by Danish magazine Soundvenue. Hopefully the album will be in my mailbox today!

Motel De Moka has a nice/funny/nostalgic post called 80's songtracks. Suddenly I felt very old, because these songs are more than 20 years old....

London band The Basics is one more band in the (endless??) line of quite good, but sadly ignored indie/alternative/pop/rock bands.
+ Good Enough
+ Alone
+ Daydreamer

You can easily add Swedish band Logh to the line of good bands mentioned above. I've done a little search and apparently this band is not at all as unknown as I wanted it to be.....
+ The Smoke Will Lead You Home
+ Yellow Lights Mean Slow Down, Not Speed Up
+ Destinymanifesto

Gaffa writes that no more than 25 Danish bands/artists can make a living by playing/releasing music in Denmark. Not a lot taking the large number of (really good) bands into consideration. Wonder what this number is in Sweden?

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Chris said...

Now you know how I feel when I'm away for two weeks!!! ;)