April 26, 2006

Midweek musings

I was really surprised by the number of people interested in the 80's songs yesterday, because the blog received nearly 600 hits, making it the most successful day by far. I thought most people owned several 80's compilation CD containing most of those songs anyway! But apparently that's not the case or people simply wanted to listen to the songs at work? Another 80's soundtrack is in the making. However it was quite a disappointment that hardly anyone had the "courage" to check out some of the lesser known bands mentioned here.

Soundvenue reviews debut Everything All The Time by Band Of Horses and gives it 5 (out of 6) stars.

Waiting for Peter to mention this song by Bombs Over Berlin, since he's the one who introduced me to the band in the first place. Sorry Peter, but I couldn't wait any longer, because I simply had to recommend this superb and very, very catchy new wave, pop song!
+ Love Asylum

2 unreleased songs by The Field Mice are available at Myspace.
+ I Wish I Meant More To You
+ A Winter's Dawn (The Yesterday Sky)

The brilliant In The Woods by Levy is available for free as well.
+ In The Woods

I've mentioned Venice Is Sinking before, but this one is still highly recommendable.
+ Pulaski Heights

A quartet of nice ones found at Myspace:
+ Budapest - Lost
+ Colder - To The Music
+ The Consultants - Contents Of My Head
+ The Notwist - Pick Up The Phone

Evening music:
+ The Raveonettes - Love In A Trashcan
+ South - Paint The Silence Old but nice!
+ Audio Bullys - I'm In Love
+ Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want - Best I've Ever Had - I'm Still Here
+ The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony - The Drugs Don't Work - Sonnet


Parklife said...

Thanks for those Field Mice songs! :-)

Double Agent said...

cool blog. that field mice song "a winter's dawn" WAS released... i have the 7"... they were under the band name "A Yesterday Sky".

Jeff said...

can you repu these?:

I Wish I Meant More To You
+ A Winter's Dawn (The Yesterday Sky)