April 12, 2006

Morning Coffee

Mars Needs Guitars has a really great post on Seattle band The Turn-Ons.
+ Strange As Snow
+ Eastern Hollows

Apparently NY indie rock band Slowlands is making quite a splash in bloggerland and for once I have no problem understanding why. Both songs below are catchy and really good.
+ Listeners Dilemma
+ One More Fire

I did a little browsing a found a couple of really nice ambient tracks by San Diego based Via Satellite.
+ Close As I Can
+ Almost In Love

A pretty uncomplicated, but still rather cool rock track by NY band The GoStation.
+ Wandering Away

1 comment:

merz said...

Thank you for the shout out to Mars. I am just trying to pay you back for all the good bands you have introduced me to! :-) I appreciate it Bro!