April 29, 2006

Saturday's All Right For....

....listening to music!

UK indie band The Upper Room will release their debut album Other People's Problem in August this year. Hopefully the rest of the album will be as great as these two songs (not sure if Combination is going to be an album track).
+ Kill Kill Kill
+ Combination

Danish band Sidste Ambulance sounds absolutely fabulous and the band describes the music as "a mix between Röyksopp, Air, Eels and Flaming Lips". Don't be scared by the fact that they sing in Danish, because these guys are really cool!

+ Naar Jeg Doer
+ Delt I To

More or less every blogger out there has mentioned Danish duo Munck//Johnson, but for some odd reason had I decided to ignore the band. But tonight I finally gave the duo a closer listen and I'm glad I did, because the songs are acoustic, quiet and really beautiful!
+ Ease Me
+ Please

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