May 16, 2006

Myspace Music

More or less every day I get requests from bands that want to be my Myspace "Friends". It's quite obvious that sending out friend requests is a very "hot" marketing tool these days, but too me this (still) remains a fine (and effortless) way to get introduced to new and unknown bands.

Below a few of the more interesting new "Friends" and songs from the past few days.

+ WinterKids - Use Your Feet
+ People Of Santiago - Broadcast
+ Alister Doomington - Lovin' The Fix + Dead Like Me

Download fine debut single Breaking News by Danish singer/songwriter Mads Langer at Myspace.
+ Breaking News


Anonymous said...

Mads Langer is horrible. I really think he sucks :(
- Jesper from Denmark

Bobby the Blue Baxojayz said...

Indeed! It seems like everyday a new band wants to be friends. It's neat to make a more personal connection like that!