May 6, 2006

What's on the jukebox tonight?

I've received several "friend" requests at Myspace the past few days and my old "compadres" Chris and Peter have posted a bunch of MP3's, so there is plenty of stuff for me to dig into tonight!

The self-titled debut album by Danish band Late Night Venture received a rather mixed review in our local newspaper today. However it was the description of the music as indie-underground with plenty of electronic influences that captured my attention. Unfortunately just one of the songs from the album is available as a free download, but that song is definitely worth checking out!
+ Pay The Moon

Chicago band Otter Petter (terrible, terrible band name) plays nice and very catchy indie/alternative rock. The band released a 5 track EP last year and will release a full-length album later this year. I will keep a close eye on this band! So receiving a friend request from a great band like this one is obviously very nice!
+ From The Beginning
+ Let Go
+ Winter Days

Chris recommends the single Memories by his fellow countrymen Junes. And I have to agree with Chris that this is a really good one!
+ Memories
Cannot figure out which song it reminds me of. For a while I was sure it was this one, but I guess that's not the one after all. Suggestions anyone?
+ Everlast - What It's Like

Final one tonight is one of Peter's current favorites, which is a really cool Le Sport remix of a brilliant song by Swedish band Vapnet.
+ Thoméegränd (Le Sport Remix)

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