June 10, 2006

The Lukewarm

So it happened Again! All it took was a 5 minute search and another very interesting Danish band pops up. I'm having all kinds of problems thinking of how to describe the music of The Lukewarm, because it really sounds like a mix of many bands (e.g. Interpol, Grandaddy, Veto). But it probably would be most accurate to define it as some kind of alternative pop/rock. The melodies aren't immediately catchy (doubt I'll hum any of them, once I've turned off the music), but the band creates a very cool sound/atmosphere, which makes you want to listen to the songs over and over and....
+ BlackRoom
+ SlowfastFastslow
+ We Are Still Here

1 comment:

Parklife said...

Wow, "Black room" is super cool! These guys are something for my blog too. ;-)