July 17, 2006

Rodolfo recommends (again)

This time Peruvian reader Rodolfo hasn't written a post, but instead he has sent me a nice long list of artists that he thinks I should check out. And why shouldn't I give them a listen, because so far I've liked most of the stuff he has recommended?

Rick Witter used to be the singer in Shed Seven (I have to admit that I never really liked them) and his new band is called Rick Witter and The Dukes. The music is pretty good, though it is rather straightforward indie rock.
+ The Other Way Around
+ Sky Falls Down

London band The Free French lists Scritti Politti among their influences and I definitely get sweet memories of that (very fine) 80's band when I listen to Ghost Writer. Nice one!
+ Ghost Writer

I've already mentioned Manchester band kni9hts a few times before, but since this is such a great (fantastic according to Rodolfo) band I sure don't mind mentioning them again. This is music for the fans of Doves, Puressence etc.
+ Coastal
+ Jolan District

I guess most people are already familiar with She Wants Revenge? A so- so mix of Tear Your Apart is available at Myspace.
+ Tear Your Apart (Hotel Persona Remix)

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's has the weirdest name, but nothing weird about the music. Talking In Code is a wonderful song with a nice acoustic feel. I've streamed a few other songs by the band and I definitely should get my hands on the album.
+ Talking In Code

A few other (some of them very interesting) bands were on his list, but since none of them offer any free downloads, they won't be mentioned here!!


Jessy said...

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Anonymous said...

As Rhodri from 'Free French' is actually IN the group Scritti Politti these days, that makes sense!

Becca said...

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's are a great band. I'm loving Skeleton Key at the moment.

Chris Walker said...

If you haven't already bought the Margot album you need to - NOW. You don't know what you're missing.