July 28, 2006


The other day I received a "friend" request at Myspace from Danish band The Floor Is Made Of Lava (fantastic name). Since I've never heard of them, I did a quick search trying to find a little info. Apparently this is a brand new Copenhagen based male trio (I believe it's a trio, though I'm not completely certain), which has already caught the attention of lots of people. Expectations seem to be growing rapidly, which is no surprise once you've listened to the two tracks below. As always it's difficult to label the music, but a description like irresistible and danceable postpunk rock which will make you dance like the floor is made of lava, should at least give you some idea what we're dealing with. Oh - and Troels of Veto (yes - it's him again) is in some way involved in this as well! Keep your eyes and ears open; cross you fingers and let's hope that the boys can match the two first outputs!!
+ Told Her I'm From Compton
+ Do Your Sister

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Parklife said...

Really sounds "a bit" like VETO... but I don't like these songs (maybe I'm not in the right mood today :-)