August 25, 2006

Oh Kelly........

Spanish reader José Antonio does his utmost to keep me busy, by sending a constant flow of emails recommending various bands. I've suggested that he should start his own MP3 blog (in Spanish), because he seems to have lots of time on his hands. But more importantly - he's very, very good at constantly finding interesting bands. So hopefully the future will bring us a Spanish music blog to check out regularly. But here goes with some of his recent findings...

Spanish band Sterlin is from Mallorca and started as a project of Englishman Steve Withers, who got together with 5 Spanish musicians. The music draws on influences from pop, alternative/classic rock and is definitely worth exploring.
+ They Love You
+ Atmosphere (Joy Division cover)

Kelly by Van She completely knocked me off my feet, when I listened to it yesterday. This is yet another 80's inspired pop song, so gorgeously catchy and danceable that it's almost unreal. The song is not available as a free (legal) download, but a couple of other blogs offer it nonetheless. Try here or here.
+ Sex City (This track is free, but not half as good as Kelly)

Tonight Let's Show The World by Swedish duo Bobby, is a fairly catchy, but absolutely harmless electro pop song, which after several listen still fails to convince me of its qualities. The chorus sounds like it has been taken from a typical song in the Eurovision Song Contest, which probably is what prevents me from enjoying it.
+ Tonight Let's Show The World

I've seen Norwegian trio Lorraine being recommended a few times before in various blogs. Now I've finally listened to their music and my first impression is pretty good. This is indeed pop music (with a capital p), but very immediate and likeable, so this could easily be the biggest thing to come out of Norway since A-Ha!
+ Transantlantic Flight (zip file)

It doesn't happen that often that an Austrian band is mentioned here (it's probably the first time ever?), but Echophonic from Vienna is a surprisingly nice sounding indie pop band. The two first singles from the band's 2005 album (it's named after the band, but not their debut) are pretty good, and both of them are available as free downloads.
+ She's Got An Army
+ Okay

This will be the last update today. Still plenty of bands for me to check out, but they will have to wait until some time next week!

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