August 2, 2006

Stay positive!

It's not the easiest thing staying positive today. It's raining, which I guess will make the farmers quite happy, but most likely will piss off the rest of the population. Myspace sucks, because the music links aren't working, thus making my two Danish mixtapes absolutely useless (apparently it helped complaining, because the links are working now - I'll send a little rain for Spain then ;-) ). My boss is constantly whining. point in going on I guess?

+ Preston School Of Industry - Caught In The Rain


Anonymous said...

links are working now!!!
I´m very happy when it´s raining, because in Spain never rain.
There is a seriuos drought.
Send me the rain for here!!!

Mr. Curiosity said...

Turn that frown upside down, Beck is coming to your neighborhood in a few days. I highly recommend it!