September 5, 2006

The Isles of Denmark...

Danish band Isles released their debut album We Have Decided Not To Die last year (to positive critical acclaim), but as always it's quite impossible to check everything out, so until now the band has been completely unknown territory to me. But this morning I finally found the path leading to the Isles, and I downloaded the two tracks from the album offered by the band for free.
Obviously the two tracks are meant to be "appetizers" and it doesn't hurt admitting that I'm starving for more after listening to the songs. Fine alternative rock, with plenty of emo/indie elements added to the mix. Think everything from Sonic Youth to The Arcade Fire and you'll find Isles somewhere in-between.
If you like these two tracks I recommend that you stream the two new tracks at Myspace as well, which are pretty good. News is that an EP will be released in October, followed by the second album in February next year.
+ A Place Between Nothing And Nowhere
+ The Hell In Hello

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