September 13, 2006

Meeting Kind Of Girl

Upcoming Danish band Kind Of Girl are currently busy recording their debut album and yesterday afternoon I had the privilege to meet two of the band members in the King Kong Production Studio in Copenhagen. After a bit of text messaging Sissel (lead singer/guitarist) and I were finally able to "synchronize calendars" and arrange a "meeting" (sounds very formal and it was everything but). Also there in the studio was keyboardist Peter, who according to the band's Myspace page is old enough to remember a Jimi Hendrix concert (he didn't look THAT old really!). Things seem to be moving ahead pretty well and several tracks have been recorded and only need the final mixing and mastering. But there is still a lot of work left, before the album is ready, and the expected date of release has therefore been moved from October to January next year. One of the reasons for changing the schedule has really nothing to do with the progress of the recordings, but is instead influenced by what time of year is the best for promoting new bands. Especially in the US, where the promotion will be done by Kickstart Record Promotions.
One thing I, needless to say, hoped for before my visit was that the band would introduce me to some of the new recordings and fortunately I wasn’t disappointed. Combined I got the opportunity to listen to 2 new tracks and 2 new mixes of already familiar songs. The two brand new tracks sounded really great, thus adding further to my expectations for the album, though we spent quite some time discussing the opening seconds/intro of one of the songs, since I did found it quite annoying. Despite my somewhat unkind words they (surprisingly) seemed to take my criticism seriously and I do cross my fingers hoping they’ll change it, because those seconds aside the song was very good.
The new mix of what I think is the standout song by the band - Poetry Boy - sounded very dynamic/energetic, but a few things from the original mix have been altered/adjusted (especially the guitars), thus making my reception of it a bit mixed; though it's always quite difficult (almost impossible) judging after just one listen. The band member's opinions on the mix seem to be quite mixed as well, but hopefully they won't ditch it and instead use it as a b-side/extra track.
Totally I spent a couple of quite interesting and very enjoyable (at least I thought they were) hours in their company listening to those new songs as well as discussing lots of other topics like; how to use the web promoting music, the importance of being a great live act, the band's plans and hopes for the future, the use of the term "music for girls", the lack of venues and record companies in Denmark, the creative process in the band etc.
Before leaving Sissel and Peter promised to keep me informed on how things are progressing and hopefully I'll soon have some interesting news to share!
+ Slave To Your Charms
+ Poetry Boy


Anonymous said...

You are very fortunate!!!
Kind of Girl is very good band and Proety boy is a hit!!!

Bobby the Blue Baxojayz said...

Very very cool!

pplist said...

I just came across this post via a link to my blog from Japan. It's fun to read this background information on a group that is meaning more to me every day. And you know whom I have to thank! It's also interesting to hear this earlier version of "Slave." God, I adore this song!