September 29, 2006

Mixed Bag (recommended by J.A.) - Part II

As promised yesterday. Part two of the recent recommendations from J.A.

I've mentioned Hybrasil before (originally recommended by Rodolfo I think) and the band has uploaded 3 new tracks to Myspace. Yesterday all of them were available as free downloads, but unfortunately this has changed overnight to just one track. Still a very interesting indie pop band (add the usual electronic twist) with a knack for writing catchy tunes.
+ Run Forever

I also believe that I mentioned indie pop/rock band Santa Dog in this blog a long, long time ago. The title track from last year's EP Chemical is pretty good and available for free. Two more (and very good) songs can be found here.
+ Chemical

The first EP (released last year) by alternative Canadian rock band The Mission District can be downloaded for free from the band's webpage. Some Britpop inspiration in this stuff.
+ All I Ever Wanted

Last band in this round is Lolita Bras from N.Y. The only one song available is called Her Own Conversation, and it's a nice alternative rock track.
+ Her Own Conversation


Parklife said...

Hm, I guess, I was the one who originally recommended Hybrasil in my blog some months ago... ;-) But it's a great band nevertheless. :-)

stytzer said...

Just to beat you Peter I originally mentioned Hybrazil in this post back in March ;-)

But a very brief mentioning I have to admit!

Parklife said...

Okay, you won the big race for Hybrasilation. :-) (As far as I remember the band contacted me via Myspace... I still very much like their first EP which I actually bought!)

Parklife said...

Stop! *I* won. :-) I mentioned the band on the 25th of february...:

Ha! :-)))

Now I can go to bed peacefully.... ;-)

stytzer said...

OK - you win :-)

Parklife said...

Thanks my life is feeling much more beautiful now... ;-))) But to be honest... it doesn't really care who discoveres a band (although it gives a warm fuzzy feeling) as long as good music is been recognized and heard.