October 2, 2006

Comments, mails, thoughts etc...

Rodolfo has once again mailed a long list of recommendations and hopefully I'll be able to work my way through it during the week. As always it's much appreciated. For the fans of Rodolfo I've posted a couple of tracks by one of his recent recommendations below. White Light Parade is from Leeds, UK and the music is indie rock (with a bit of punk influence).
+ Wait For The Weekend
+ Here It Comes

I think Peter won our little Hybrasil "discussion". It doesn't really matter as long as great music is being brought to the attention of the world. Last night I received a message from the band that the label didn't like them sharing the music. That's quite a shame, because A Million Moments is brilliant pop tune.

Apparently Santa Dog appreciate that I've mentioned them in the blog (actually it was J.A., who suggested the band), so they have offered to send me a copy of their latest EP. Wish more bands were like this!
+ Rosa

I've received a few comments on my Robbie post, but so far noone has been prepared standing up for him!

According to eXTReMe Tracking this blog averaged 258 unique visitors per day in September. It would be great if I could increase this number. Any suggestions how to do that?


Parklife said...

Well there are a few Robgbie-songs I actually like. :-) (Especially "Making plans for Nigel", which is a cover-version anyway.)

If you happen to come across some good ideas to increase traffic, please let me know. :-) It may be helpful to add your blog to some blog directories...? I've increased traffic a bit when I posted some comments in music-forums. But this is way too much work...

Anonymous said...

No, Don´t change. Your blog is the best!!! Your music and your bands are brilliant!!!

Peter said...

My suggestion to increase the traffic:-) perhaps it is to be useful to shown a few more naked musician in your beautiful log. Preferably female.

Chris said...

Sex sells! :D

Hmmm... we could try and post only naked musicians (preferably female! ;) ) for a week and see what happens. :)

Majo said...

I would appreciate some kind of search engine here. When I download just one song from a band (to give it a try) and I like it, it´s too hard to re-find this band and download more.
Also, making some playlists (like it´s done on www.fiql.com, but there it´s in a comercial way). You could name it like "Playlist for lovers" and add romantic indie songs. Or "Playlist to rock" and add some upbeat rock songs (I´d like more this option, but the more kind of playlists, the more visitors here).
And maybe I´m wrong...it was just a suggestion. I like this blog, go on :)