October 11, 2006

Minor Flaw

I mentioned Danish trio Minor Flaw in my post yesterday, because the band was selected demo band of October by Danish magazine Gaffa. Yesterday evening I visited the band's Myspace profile and saw that the rest of the first EP Nothing To Lose can be downloaded there for free. After I've been listening to all 4 songs of the EP a few times it's (still) easy to hear that the main inspirational source is Green Day, but the band has definitely been listening to bands like Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Blink 182 etc. as well. Some might ask if the the world really needs another one of those bands, but in this case I sure believe it does, because this band writes songs that are catchy, fresh and very, very energetic.
+ Sick And Tired (of you all)
+ Tough Shit

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