October 31, 2006

The name is.....Wendy

Once again J.A. pulls an ace from up his sleeve and sends me a mail recommending a band that (almost) leaves me with my jaw dropped on the floor. This time he introduces me (and the rest of you) to Swedish band Wendy; a 6 piece that for some odd reasons still seems to be living in obscurity (22 "friends" at Myspace). This is pure pop music, or with the words of J.A.; "big pop music", so ridiculous catchy and energetic that you really should prepare yourself for it to crawl into the back of your head and stay there for quite some time. The two tracks below are from the 3 track Angst EP released in 2005 and according to the band's webpage a new EP called Angst Zwei Drei will be out soon.
+ First Against The Wall
+ Killer Whale

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Anonymous said...

And..."champagne love" is very good song! ;)