October 28, 2006

Tower of Attorneys...

I've probably mentioned this several times before, but I cannot help thinking that it is extremely cool when you're contacted by bands/artists. Obviously I'm not thinking of those "please-listen-to-our-music" mails that are sent out in bunches or the superficial friends requests at Myspace, but instead it's the type of mails I received yesterday I'm having in mind. Two bands previously featured in the blog; Tower Of Foil and The Attorneys sent me some info on their recent recordings and in both cases a few mails were sent back and forth with additional info and finally a permission to "exclusively" upload one or two of the new song(s).

Tower Of Foil is (currently) a quartet from Sweden playing a laid-back and really beautiful kind of indie pop, which does find some inspiration in the music of Prefab Sprout (in his own words front man Daniel really likes this classic UK band!). This is the type of music, which should be enjoyed laying on the couch with the eyes closed and a glass of red wine in the hand. 5 new songs have been recorded and according to plans the band's 10th (!) EP Highland Lullabies will be released on November 10.

N.Y. rock trio The Attorneys are currently recording (what I believe) is their debut album, which is going to be called Stereocracy. No info to be found on any release date, but accordingly the recordings are well under way! Madison is an older (at least I've heard it before) powerpop kind of song (this is probably a new mix/recording/?) and Open Up is a really cool and quite catchy track, which is unexpectedly funky/groovy/? and almost danceable.
Stay tuned as I'm pretty certain that we'll hear much more from these two bands in the future!

Tower Of Foil
+ Highland Lullabies

The Attorneys
+ Open Up
+ Madison

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Anonymous said...

good choices.
The Attorneys have another song called POPPIES posted on their website i like better than these 2, though Open Up is pretty freakin' original!