December 3, 2006

It's a tiger - not a trap :-)

Here are some great pieces of information found over at It's A Trap (arguably the best music blog in the world). So thank you Avi!!!!

Incredible Swedish indie pop band DAYS has been signed to Lavender Recordings. I heard a "rumor" some time ago, but it was really nice to learn that it was more than just that! Know quite a few people eagerly awaiting the band's first release!
+ Never Came To Last

I'm currently enjoying Tiger Baby's Christmas single. I really like this band (and the song) and find it hard to believe that I haven't bought any of the band's releases.
+ This Christmas

Swedish indie/pop/surf band Irene has unsuccessfully tried to upload the band's Christmas single called Christmas On The Beach to Myspace, but for some reason it failed. Instead the track will be available on Wednesday from here or here.

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