December 8, 2006

Jingle bells - party time and hangovers...

We have our Christmas party at work tonight, so I'll probably have the worst hangovers in the history of man tomorrow. Luckily I'm going to another party tomorrow afternoon, which I expect will cure the hangovers in no time. But Sunday is definitely going to be a challenge.

The worst part is that I'm dead tired right now following a couple of horrible nights, where the kids have been keeping us awake. But I’m certain that the first couple of beers tonight will quickly turn the tiredness into a distant memory.

Oh well - after all this is not a drinker's blog, so here are a couple of tracks I stumbled upon this afternoon. Both bands are from Sweden, and even though the songs aren't exactly spectacular, they are still well worth a listen.
+ TIAC - It's Always The Same Anyway (electro/pop)
+ Swoon - Encore (shoegaze/alternative)


Chris said...

Here's some virtual aspirin: () ()

Have a great party! ;)

stytzer said...

Much needed - thank you :->

Parklife said...

Happy drinking! :-)

Peter said...