December 5, 2006

Take it or leave it....

Myspace has (rightfully) been critized for reducing the bit rate of the songs to 96 kbps, but as long as bands/artists insist on using the service (despite all its flaws), it regularly ends up being the only place where you can download certain songs. Below are posted a few songs I've found tonight that I'd love to get in a better quality, but for now I (reluctantly) have to live with these poorer sounding versions.

The terrific indie/dreampop quarter Ether Aura from Detroit has uploaded a wonderful version of Curve's I Speak Your Every Word. Grab it now despite the low quality, because it's fabulous and will only be available for a very short time. The band's second album (will be called Before We Could Sing) is nearly finished, and the expected date of release is February 17 next year.
+ I Speak Your Every Word

Danish electro pop trio Tiger Baby has remixed CPH-Jet's cover of Just Can't Get Enough and uploaded another excellent track from this year's album Noise Around Me called Moved Me. The availability of both tracks could be short lived as well.
+ Just Can't Get Enough
+ Moved Me

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