December 22, 2006

This and That

Stream the new (and pretty good) single Oceanic by Danish alternative rock band Mavis over at Myspace. Unfortunately it's not available for download!!

The dudes over at emodreng og indiepige have started listening to Kind of girl. I told you that they have a fine taste in music!

Check out excellent blog lifeiscarbon. Here you'll find lots of interesting stuff on (as they call it) Scandinavian Æsthetics. That be art, design, music etc.

Brilliant UK quartet Indigo will release a 5 track EP in January next year called The Rain Sessions. 4 of the tracks have already been uploaded to Myspace and are generously available as free downloads. The music sounds like a nice mix of The Smiths and The Stone Roses (perhaps a bit more rocking), and especially the live version of Something New is ace!
+ I Can't Fight This Feeling
+ Something New (Live)

A track by She Wants Revenge called Black Liner Run is available for free at Myspace.
+ Black Liner Run

Both Music Of The Moment and Powerpopulist got inspired and wrote posts on the Free Downloads chart.

Apparently all it takes is a bit of whining? I was a cry-baby the other day and immediately the average no. of hits started to grow. I wish it was because people felt sorry for me, but it's quite obvious that those tracks did the trick!!

Here's another mixed bag of stuff (I happily admit that the quality varies) found at
+ Carpenters - They Long To Be Close To You (this is one of my guilty pleasures)
+ El Perro Del Mar - It's All Good
+ Jon Secada - Just Another Day (another one of my guilty pleasures)
+ Micah P. Hinson - The Leading Guy
+ Sambassadeur - New Moon
+ Loons - Holiday Run
+ Lovejoy - In The Rain

And more Danish independent label Quatermain records has created a site where you can download several tracks from the label's back catalogue. Among the freebies are 3 tracks from the great debut album by Late Night Venture. But the track really catching my attention right now is this one by alternative rock band Yellowish.
+ Direction

We all learn something new! When I checked Yellowish's webpage I saw that the correct title of this track is This is my Direction and is available there for free in an even better quality.
+ This is my Direction


Parklife said...

Hey, the Yellowish-track ist fantastic, thanks! Something for my blog too... :-)

pplist said...

Thanks, stytzer, for all your generous help and the superb music you post. Happy Holidays!--Mike