January 9, 2007

The Last.fm free downloads chart...

has been updated, so this morning I've been busy listening to several artists/tracks tagged as "indie pop". Below some of the better or perhaps more interesting ones that (until this morning) were completely unknown to me:

+ The Eames Era - Could Be Anything & Listen for the Sun
It's probably a huge mistake that I haven't checked out this band before. Especially since Powerpopulist had a nice post on the band a month and a half ago! 2 wonderful and catchy songs that definitely make you forget these are cold and rainy days.

+ Strip Squad - Down And Out And Away & Unreliable Narrator
Don't know how serious this is meant to be, but this Swedish band reminds me of The Hidden Cameras.

+ The Mendoza Line - Catch a Collapsing Star & Mysterious in Black
No! It's not Bob Dylan singing on Collapsing Star!

+ The Zebras - Car of Idiots
Probably the same aussie band as Peter mentioned a while back!!

I found a few more bands worth checking out, but work is calling, so I won't add to the list. Instead I strongly suggest that you visit Last.fm and do a little search yourself, because there certainly is a lot of great stuff to find there.

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