February 26, 2007

Bubblegum Lemonade

Friday evening I wondered why Bubblegum Lemonade had never been featured in any music blogs. By judging from the comments I guess my conclusion was a bit hasty and incorrect. Sorry about that and I promise to do my homework better in the future. So to make amends I've listed some of the blogs below that at some point have featured this excellent Scottish band.
- Powerpopaholic
- Mira el Péndulo
- Indie MP3
- Think Small

And Merz mentioned the band in his post yesterday!

Finally I've posted four tracks by the band found over at Myspace (all of them in a decent quality).
+ The Tomorrow People
+ Unsafe at any Speed
+ Just Like You
+ Tyler

1 comment:

Knut/Eardrums said...

I had a song by them ("My Dream of you") on my post "Twelve Thursday Tunes" YESTERDAY! Great band.