February 11, 2007

Layabout + Myspace - back to "normal"?

Yesterday when I downloaded the fine new track Arms Around The City by US (Steely Dan and Elvis Costello inspired) jazz/pop trio Layabout from the band's Myspace profile, I noticed that the bitrate was 192 Kbps and that the song was tagged correctly! Hopefully this is not an error/mistake, but a sign that the "good old days" are about to return (though I seem to be having problems copying the link, so I had to upload it myself)? The track is from Layabout's forthcoming EP called Suburban Legend and it makes quite a lot of sense posting this track on a day like this (when it's windy and biting cold). This is quiet and beautiful stuff and darn close to the perfect soundtrack when you're sitting in you warm living room drinking a steaming cup of coffee...
+ Arms Around The City
and a couple of older tracks
+ Barbara
+ Dressed in Grey

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