March 28, 2007

Tetris = Therapy

This morning I've repeatedly been listening to these 3 tracks by Danish duo Tetris = Therapy. Honestly I think the band name is downright stupid, but luckily the two (17 years old) dudes have saved most of their creativity for the music instead. The music is an unpredictable blend of just about everything from noisy shoegaze guitars over grandiose post-rock to electronica and heavy electronic beats, and at times it's almost a bit too overwhelming. So listening can be quite a challenge, but I really like the charming playfulness of the music and if the ideas get a bit more structured (or perhaps less ambitious), this could easily end up being nothing but fantastic.
+ Big Tasty
+ Foofaraw
+ We made the seas incarnadine

1 comment:

carolinagirl13 said...

This is great! I love "Big Tasty" and they're a wonderfully interesting group. Silly name.:)Thanks once again for a new favorite song!