April 2, 2007

Easter is (almost) upon us...

Danish band Velour has mailed me 3 tracks that I'm currently enjoying. This is happy and charming pop music with strings, trumpets and stuff, described by the band as a tribute to the sound of the late 60's. Perfect when the sun is shining (as it is now) and the songs should fit nicely on any summer compilation. The band is signed to the Sonet label, but the debut album has been postponed several times already, which is quite a shame as this is music for the summer days (and not for the rainy and windy days of autumn).
+ Alibi
+ Rain In Summertime

Wednesday the girls and I will travel to Warsaw, Poland for a few days. Don't expect any updates while I'm away.

Peter (Schallgrenzen) recommends German indie/alternative 5-piece Unicova. This track is pretty cool and sounds like The Radio Dept. getting inspired by 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins.
+ Hush, yeah fly

Finally; two Swedish indie pop bands/projects recommended by J.A. Both Felix and Me and Twinkling Streams keep information at a very minimum, so I have no clue who hides behind these aliases. J.A. labels it "sweet pop music", which I think is an excellent description!
+ Felix and Me - Love It
+ Twinkling Streams - Things We Never Had


José Antonio said...

Thanks Morten!
Yes, this is sweet pop! ;-)

Christy said...

Yay! Sometimes sweet pop music is all you really need.

mp3hugger said...

Great stuff Morten, loving your discovery's.