May 9, 2007

CJ Palmer +++

Found the debut album Everything That Shines by Swedish quartet CJ Palmer in the mailbox yesterday. The album was released last week on the band's own label - Silver Road Records - so the boys are currently doing all the work themselves. Think a powerpop version of Savage Garden or maybe Roxette, and you should have some idea of where the band is located musically. Some might claim that there isn't anything new under the sun, and they might have a point here. But the songs are melodic, radio friendly and very, very catchy, and it will be a very (negative) surprise if this album doesn't find a large audience, as the music (in my opinion) should please the ears of lots and lots of people!
+ 34

Peter is really high on German indie pop band Tornister and calls them "the new indie pop hope from Oldenburg". And if you check the band's influences you can see that they are inspired by the best of the best, so no wonder that Tornister sounds absolutely brilliant!
+ Big Fake
+ Pale Blue Paper

FALK recommends Canadian singer Allison Crowe. And there's lots of stuff to explore over at where it's possible to download several of her songs and albums. Half of them (my guess/estimate) have been written by the lady herself, while the rest are either covers or renditions of traditionals, folk/Christmas songs etc. Her voice is absolutely beautiful making most of the tracks quite a pleasure listening to.
+ A Murder Of One (Counting Crows cover)
+ Hallelujah (We all know this one!)

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Falk said...

Allison Crowe now release all their albums on Jamendo except the covers.