June 15, 2007

Vesterbro Festival...

Tonight's the night...Check the weather forecast. Especially tomorrow looks really, really bad!

The line-up for this year's Vesterbro Festival (June 15th & 16th) looks absolutely fantastic. Here's a list of the band's I plan/hope to be able to catch during the two-day festival (unless of course they play at 2 a.m., as I'm way too old to be staying up all night). Unfortunately it looks as if I have to make unpleasant decisions a couple of times, as a few bands on the list are playing simultaneously:

+ 1 2 3 4 (Saturday 9:15) - Saddest
This is the new (re-recorded) version of this wonderful indie pop tune. Debut album to be released in September on the independent Auditorium label.
+ A Kid Herafter (Friday 4:45) - Secret Service
Will play early Friday afternoon and I'm certain that he'll deliver a great start to the festival!
+ Amazonair (Friday 9:15) - Rear-View Mirror
New addition to the list. Nice and melodic indie rock.
+ BREUM (Friday 6:45) - Silhuetter
I've only heard two songs by this band. Both of them are brilliant, but is the rest any good? Or do they only have two songs? Guess not :)
Silhuetter is a brand new demo, so now I know three tracks by the duo!
+ Cinnober (Friday 7:30) - Armies of Disdain
Hopefully the music will sound equally beautiful when performed live!??
+ Decorate.Decorate. (Friday 7:00) - Departure
The band will release its debut album called
Normandie on May 21. Surname should have been on my best of 2006 list.
+ THE ELEPHANTS (Friday 8:30) - Caroline Knows
This is the excellent new single by indie pop/surf band
THE ELEPHANTS. Made available as a free download after some "mild" pressure :) The band has just been signed to the German label Tapete Records. How come no Danish label was prepared to sign this fine band?
+ Entakt (Friday 5:15) - Ventilen
I'm lobbying for permission to post a track from the band's debut album, but so far without any success. Instead I've posted the old (but still great) demo track
+ Factory45 (Saturday 11:30) - Supermarkets
New to the list. Probably requires a bit getting used to, but this is indie/alternative rock with potential.
+ The Floor Is Made Of Lava (Saturday 9:45) - Do Your Sister
We do expect these guys to deliver quite a party. Don't we?
+ Green Concorde (Friday 8:15) - 2:26
The only band on the list that I've seen live before. And they were pretty good!
+ Kind of girl (Saturday 4:45) - You Can't Save Me
A must see, as this is the most blogged about band in the history of this blog.
+ Mushi (Friday 00:15) - White Picket Fence
He'll be playing around midnight and I'm too old staying up that late (I have an one hour drive home afterwards). But two great albums make this a concert I cannot allow myself to miss!
+ Swing of Sahara (Saturday 6:15) - Mucked up in Brooklyn
The Danish version of
+ Turboweekend (Friday 10:30) - Into You
I'm kind of expecting these guys to throw a dance party. Check the band's remix blog.
+ Us With Millions (Friday 10:00) - Shepherds Hour
Another band I don't want to miss. So far I've only heard 4 tracks by this band, but they all sound great. There certainly is some
Band of Horses inspiration here.
+ Velour (Saturday 7:00) - Pam and The Important Man
The second album
Undress Your Alibis has been received really well by the Germans. However we are still waiting for the (brilliant) album to be released in Denmark.
+ Volvoe (Saturday 8:30) - These Moments
Another band that I'm very much looking forward to see. That these great guys remain unsigned is hard to understand.

And I'll probably find several other bands that I'd like to see, once I get familiar with their music. Therefore this post will be updated every now and then (during the next month and a half), when I've listen to some of the other bands. More songs, comments, thoughts etc. will be added along the way as well.


Tinkerbell said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Damnit. As I'm at Roskilde for the whole thing again, I can't go! :(

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Chris said...

I hope you'll have a great festival despite the weather, and look forward to your report! Just check that it doesn't rain into your beer, and everything will be fine! ;)

stytzer said...

Thanks Chris - I will of course have a great time and have taken your great advice into consideration :)