June 1, 2007

Armstrong - Where are you?

Now that former Tour De France winner Bjarne Riis has admitted to the use of EPO, I cannot help wondering where multiple-time winners Miguel Indurain and Lance Armstrong are hiding. Obviously I don’t know if either was doped during their dominant reign as kings of the most prestigious bike race in the world, but I cannot help being suspicious. Or let me put it like this. What are the odds of you winning 5 or 7 times in a row in any sports, when several of your opponents are cheating? Would you be able to win in poker if everyone else were using marked cards? Could any soccer/football team win The Champions League even once, if the other teams constantly bribed the referees? You get my point – right?

I know this is the exact opposite of the way things normal work in our civilized world, but I seriously suggest that these two guys step forward and somehow prove to all doubters (and I cannot be on my own here) that they were “clean” back in the days, when they were so victorious. And they should do it very soon for their own good as things will only get worse. So far we’ve only seen riders from Denmark and Germany confess, and heard nothing from the Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch and American riders. Eventually some of them will feel the pressure of the truth and admit to some kind of doping abuse. And for every confession cycling fans will become more and more skeptical making it even more difficult for the two legends to step forward. If they cannot prove that everything was fair play (and I very much doubt they can), I strongly urge them to tell the truth, no matter how unpleasant it might be. But why should they? They are ranked among the biggest and best athletes ever and why risk ruining that? But that leaves me with my final question. Who wants to be remembered as the king among cheaters? And the number of cheaters is growing every day...

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