June 19, 2007

That and This...

The hard work finally seems to be paying off for Kind of girl. Yesterday Slave To Your Charms was aired on the Danish radio show Studie 4.
+ Slave To Your Charms

Another favorite band - US shoegazers Panda Riot - has posted a couple of new demos on their webpage.
+ When You Said/When I Said

Ivan of Oliver North Boy Choir sent me a suggestion the other day that I should pay Norwegian one-man project (a duo when lovely vocals are needed) Attention Now! some attention (pun intended), as he believed that I would like it. And since this sounds like a mix of The Notwist, Radio Dept. and EPO-555/ONBC it was a pretty good guess that I would like it. Attention Now! is still unsigned, but the track Sarcasm Shooter has received some airplay on various radio stations in Norway, so hopefully record labels will soon be knocking on the door. Some remixing activity is going on as well, so there should be plenty of interesting new stuff to be looking forward to.
+ Don't Let It Slip Away
+ Sarcasm Shooter
+ Soundwaves

I'm now 15.89% mainstream!

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