July 30, 2007

A black cat crossed the street...

How was the Grand Avenue concert Friday evening? Oh well - thanks for asking. You see - the thing is that Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park with rides and stuff. And since boys will forever be boys we simply couldn't resist trying this, this, this, this (for the second time) and finally this (which just seemed to be going on and on and...). So when we finally had had enough of twist and turns and started heading for the open air stage, Grand Avenue had already been playing for 45 minutes. But despite hearing less than 30 minutes of the concert it only added to the impression I got two years ago (the first time I saw them live) that the band sounds much better live than on record.

Do you like Jeff Buckley? If you do I strongly recommend that you listen to the gorgeous Black Cat by Danish youngsters The Imaginary Orchestra of Mr. Kite (I think the average age of the band members must be close to 19). These guys must have been listening a lot to Grace when growing up?
+ Black Cat

J.A. recommends Nothingness by Swedish indie pop (and somewhat shoegaze inspired) band Signed Papercuts. This is the title track of the 3 track EP to be released on Cloudberry Records on Wednesday. The band hails from the indie pop capital of Sweden (or perhaps even the world) - Gothenburg - and as always this is nothing but excellent! Swedesplease has more.
+ Nothingness

Tickets are still available for the Kent concert.

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