July 20, 2007


This is just one of those posts that really serve no other purpose than adding to the total number of posts posted (sounds incredible stupid, but if you google the phrase "posts posted" you get 69,100 hits!). Actually I'm just kidding, though some might agree that I've never written anything of the slightest importance anyway, making all my posts being posted entirely for the sake of posting...

My old friends from Anamia will hopefully enter the studio very soon and start recording some new songs. At least that's what they promised a month ago - and "late July" is NOW - isn't it?
+ Butterfly In Paris

Another favorite act - Ruined By Martin - is also busy recording.
+ Dear Reo

Wonderful Swedish duo Tower of Foil has recorded a new EP. It's to be called Faster Than Your Eye and will be released very soon (whatever that means exactly?)!
+ Lilac Sky

More news on another favorite band - Kind of girl has been signed to Sonet/Universal, but are still looking for a label to take care of the export market(s).
+ Poetry Boy

If you understand Danish I strongly recommend this blog written/run by Jonas of Entakt. Quite entertaining.

Soundvenue reviews the new album When the Deer Wore Blue by Figurines. 3 out of 6 stars and the headline is - "the melodies are missing".

If you're all wondering why the weather is so bad this summer - this guy admits he is to blame!

The Hype Machine Toplist has been updated. Hits In The Car is no. 150 (up from no. 177 in February).

I have 1,975 Myspace friends, but that's certainly way too many. So I've started to delete those artists/bands that only post garbage bulletins and aren't willing to share any songs!

I really like the whole idea/concept of Last.fm. But do you honestly want the entire world to know what you're listening to. I mean - no (hidden) guilty pleasures! They will all be revealed. So yes, yes. I admit to like Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell.


Anders said...

Hey! I won't take the blame for all the bad weather this summer, just the bad weather in Århus.

stytzer said...

If I remember correctly, your "curse" sort of included Roskilde ;)