July 12, 2007

Two to look out for (maybe?)...

Dan Wallace will release his new album Culture of Self on July 19. His music is pretty hard to label (a rocking version of the typical singer/songwriter?), but the four freebies of the album are pretty good.
+ Perfect Weather For A Superhero
+ The Heap

Swedish indie pop/rock band This Year's Model will release their debut album The Clock Strikes Ten in the rest of Europe on August 3 (already released in Japan and Scandinavia me thinks - how I wish bands were better at giving accurate information). The two sample tracks are short, but definitely not without potential (thanks J.A.).
+ Ten O'Clock Murder
+ O, Heaven Help My Foolish Heart

Obviously the burning question in both cases is, whether the rest of the album is any good! Will let you know if I ever find out...

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