August 21, 2007

Busy Tuesday...

I have a rather busy Tuesday ahead of me with plenty of work, meetings etc. So this is (once again) one of those "perhaps more will be added later today posts"!

5 new blogs have been added to the blogroll:
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Two songs from the mailbox:

I received a mail promoting Philly chamber pop band illuminea a few weeks back, but I didn't really like the included track Homewrecker the first time around. This morning I received a second mail (call it a "follow-up"), so I thought "what the heck" let's give it a second listen. Turned out to be a wise decision as it is charming little pop gem. It's taken from the album Out Of Our Months which is released today on High Two.
+ Homewrecker

In the same mail I found the track Planet New York which can be found on the Australian singer Sarah Blasko's second album What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have (to be released September 11 on Low Altitude Records). This is a surprisingly catchy pop tune that definitely is worth wasting more than a few minutes on.
+ Planet New Year

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