August 8, 2007

J.A. Recommends...

The human search engine (a.k.a. J.A.) is still running smoothly and is keeping us all (Chris and Peter included) busy with his many fine recommendations. It's virtually impossible keeping up with his torrid pace, but today's post will be devoted some of the stuff he suggests we should all read, watch or listen to (lots of love for Sweden here).

Swedish label Lavender Recordings now also has a weblog. Hopefully more will be posted soon. The blog is written by label "owner" Andreas, who's probably better known for his involvement in Celestial and Northern Fields. His recent project is called my lily of the valley.

One of the bands signed to the label is Swedish indie pop sensations Days. Watch the video of the band performing Simple Thing at the Rip It Up festival. Hopefully the band's debut single/EP will be released in September.

+ Simple Thing

Expectations are high for the debut album by Gentle Touch (no release date available) and Expectations is the very appropriate title of the band's new track (stream it).

Download the 4 track Summer EP 2007 by Swedish Electro Pop trio Joy Serene.
+ Summer EP 2007 (zip)
+ Possible (best track)

The Hourly Radio
covers Say Something by James.
+ Say Something

You Never Notice Me by Swedish indie pop duo The Garlands is one of those typical catchy "Swedish ones". The cover version of the Wham! classic Freedom is perhaps best described as "peculiar".
+ You Never Notice Me
+ Freedom (Wham! cover)

The Animation from Sweden released their 3-track debut EP The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side earlier this year. Opening track It's Late inspired by Coldplay, The Killers etc. sounds rather promising.
+ It's Late

Tomorrow could very well end up being a busy one, but hopefully I'll be able to find enough time to post "part II" of this thread!!

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José Antonio said...

Thanks Morten.
I´m on holidays and I have more time for the music.
Sunny day in Spain with 40 degrees. Better listen good music with a beer!