August 14, 2007

New track by Northern Portrait...

My recent favorite band, Northern Portrait continues to impress me. This new track is once again a wonderful, catchy and charming indie pop tune with lots of jangling guitars. A fourth track is on its way, which (still) is about all the information I can find.
+ What Happens Next?

Update: The band has sent me a message with a little info that I thought I'd share with you. Northern Portrait is a trio (all members have experience from other bands) that got together/assembled at the beginning of July to record a few tracks written by front man Stefan. The songs are all being recorded, mixed and mastered in his flat, but hopefully someday the band will get the opportunity to do it all in more professional surroundings. Unfortunately the band is not yet planning to perform live!

Update: The songs are now uploaded to and it looks like the EP is/will be called The Fallen Aristocracy.

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