August 29, 2007

Off to London...

Thanks to those of you who left a comment on yesterday's post. As always it's great to learn that someone is actually reading the words!

I'll jump the bandwagon and add to the hype, so here's the new track Is There A Ghost by Band of Horses. The band's second album Cease To Begin will be out on October 9 on the amazing Sub Pop Records, which is (another) one of those visionary labels knowing and understanding the importance of giving away a track or two from future releases as "teasers". Judging by the first track one could guess that the new album will be a bit more "rocky", but soon we'll be much wiser. However Is There A Ghost certainly doesn't disappoint (after a few listens), so expectations remain pretty damn high.
+ Is There A Ghost

Want to win the debut album by The Floor Is Made Of Lava? Visit the band's blog and guess who utters "WHO THE FUCK ARE ARCTIC MONKEYS?"! Nice!

Chris explains why we all should donate blood. In a comment I explain why I'll never be a blood donor (it has something to do with needles).

1 2 3 4 is sharing one more track from the band's forthcoming debut album In Your Faith.
+ Coltrane

Charlie Don't Surf gives away the remaining three of four newly recorded tracks over at Myspace. Wonderful stuff!
+ I'm Surprised By Your Eyes

Best news of the day: Northern Portrait joins Matinee Recordings.

Yep - tomorrow I'll be heading to London with 7 of my very thirsty friends, and during our 4 day stay I expect to gather enough information to be able to write a small booklet about beers and pubs in greater London!
+ Null Device - Walk In London (Null Device Brick Lane Mix)

One of the new tracks by Danish indie rock band I Am Bones is called The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing. I think I'll use the title as a quick test the next few days. As long as anyone can say it without stumbling over the words, he's simply not drunk enough! On a complete sidenote - the song (from the band's forthcoming album The Greater Good) is actually pretty good!
+ The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing


Parklife said...

Yeah, I really like the Band of Horses-song - it rocks!

Have a great time in London!

Ulrich said...


Jeg har lånt dit link til Band Of Horses tracket til min egen blog...

og jeg har selvfølgelig givet dig kredit for det, håber det er cool med dig.

stytzer said...


Ingen problemer - hvad er adressen på din blog?

Ulrich said...

Phew, tak for det.

her er adressen:

Ulrich said...