August 23, 2007

This and that...

3 new demo tracks by Danish quartet GimmiJapan were published during my holiday, so this information could have been posted nearly 2 months ago (had I known and had I been close to a computer). Info on the new tracks is sparse, and since all members seem to be involved in various other projects, it's difficult to tell how serious the band is about this. But the tracks (Chasing Shadows especially) are really fine melodic alternative (and somewhat dreamy) pop/rock tunes that probably will remind some of Cocteau Twins. Two of the new tracks are posted below, so off to Myspace you go if you want the third one as well.
+ Chasing Shadows
+ Suprising Chills

Fine Danish indie/alternative rock band Mono is now called Noar. Cannot say that I like the new name, but since (at least!) a thousand other bands/artists are called Mono a change of name was obviously the only logic thing to do. Lots of stuff seems to be happening and I'm very much looking forward to the band's next output!
+ Our Dawn

Hopefully none of you wasted any precious minutes of your lives watching Denmark being completely ousted by Ireland in last night's soccer/football game? Embarrassment is the only word I can think of!

I think that I've mentioned a few times before that my boss is a quite knowledgeable jazz fan, who never wastes any opportunity trying to turn me on to legendary acts like John Coltrane, Miles Davis etc. Yesterday we spent a little time in my office listening to A Love Supreme and though I doubt that I'll ever quite grow to like it, it's always fun listening and discussing music with someone who shares the same passion. As a small retribution I mailed him The National's Fake Empire giving him the same advise he's been giving me over and over when I should try listening to jazz music - follow the instruments. He later replied that he liked it, but he's known to be quite well-mannered, so?
+ Fake Empire

It's always interesting to check the Out Clicks stats to see what songs people are downloading. Unfortunately they reveal that there aren't that many visitors interested in unsigned Danish indie bands. But it also reminds me how difficult it is to keep up with/remember all the bands I've mentioned over the years. Like for example brilliant UK inde rock act Indigo that I've sadly forgotten all about.
+ Get In There

I'm once again a subscriber, so you can no longer poke around my profile without me knowing it!

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