September 17, 2007

Monday Cleaning...

This morning I'm emptying the mailbox and listening my way through some of the MP3's that recently have been sent my way. Below I've posted some of the listenable ones (including a few words from the press material):

+ Pratique - Death For Blushing Rogue
"Formed this year, they set to creating the most melodic bass lines this side of disco, punchy, mathematical beats, and brilliant brit-pop inspired guitar work." Energetic. Very energetic!

+ Sick of Sarah - Bittersweet
" all-female band with catchy hooks, unique lyrics, and thoughtful, well-crafted music." Catchy hooks.....

+ Plushgun - Just Impolite
"...mix of indie rock sound with high-voltage electronic backbeats." I really like this one!

+ Nathan Holscher - Hard, High and Blue
"Working in the medium of acoustic Folk, yet transcending it within his smoky songwriting, Holscher paints vivid pictures within his songs, which are emotionally direct in their storytelling but spectral and airy in their sonic construction." Nice americana/rock folk track by US singer/songwriter.

+ Steve Goldberg And The Arch Enemies - Summer's Ending
" possibly the most elaborate, orchestrated indie-pop effort Pittsburgh has ever produced." Lovely pop tune.

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