September 6, 2007

Moon! What moon?...

Gothenburg keeps producing fine new bands and once again the city proves that it must be the indie pop Capital of the world. 5-piece Tellus About The Moon is the next one in the line of promising and absolutely gorgeous sounding Gothenburg bands and the first track available called Hate is nothing but a true indie pop gem. And in case you haven't guessed this already, this is just another one of J.A.'s many great finds.
+ Hate

Another young (average age of the 3 band members is around 16 and a half) and promising Swedish band - Tea For Three!!! - will release their debut single on the incomparable Cloudberry Records on September 15. Untypical the band is not from Gothenburg, but Stockholm shows that fine new bands can flourish there as well.
+ Nincompoops
+ Thngamajig

A Plague Of Angels has posted a few tracks by Richard Hawley. His new album Lady's Bridge is sweet - just sweet!
+ Coles Corner


Dan said...

Sorry for askin'. Is it really "Tellus about the moon" or should it be "Tell us about..." ?

stytzer said...

It's OK to ask - if you check the band's Myspace profile it's "Tellus...".
A deliberate mistake I guess?

Anonymous said...

Hi. The thing about this little strange name of ours is that "tellus" means "earth" in latin. "The Earth about the Moon". Someone in our band had some fun with those words there.. :)

/Nicke, Tatm

Dan said...

Shouldn't have missed all tose Latin courses. Thanks for the broadining of my intellectual horizon. :)