September 11, 2007

Soft Amateurs...

Soft City is the new/the most recent "project" of Kicker songwriter Phil Sutton. Helped out by a few well-reputed colleagues like Laura Bridge (ex-Harper Lee) and Gareth "Jona" Jones (Wintergreen) he has recorded a 3 track demo EP called The Soft City. As one could expect this is nice indie pop with those jangly guitars and you can grab all three tracks for free over at IndiePages. Now relocated to NY and looking for new bandmates!
+ The Soft City

The debut album Hongu Kongu by Scottish 6 piece Amateurs is released today on Letterbox Records. The two tracks on the free download-only single that was released in January were nice indie pop tunes with lovely male/female vocals, so the album could very well be something I should check out!
+ Things You Only Know When You Don't Drive
+ Cool By Me

The friendly boys from Danish alternative rock trio Heartbreak Disco has a new EP out. The band will now start promoting their music and the up-tempo and quite catchy title track Tomorrow certainly will/should help the band gaining some attention.
+ Tomorrow

According to the band itself, the new track The Commonfield by Emerald Park "might need a few more minutes in the oven". Judge for yourself, but I think it's absolutely gorgeous as it is and really see no point in changing anything. It takes just a few seconds of listening before you realize that it must have been produced by Ola from Moonbabies. New (and superb) mixes of the older tracks Open and Lights of Sunday are available at Myspace as well.
+ The Commonfield


Larry F. said...

I agree with you on Emerald Park's song. It sounds perfect as is.
Soft City is really good too. Wish it was a bit better quality volume-wise though.
Thanks for sharing these today.

Anonymous said...

I agree you should check out the new album by The Amateurs. I think the best track is "The Waters of Leith". I discovered them by accident on myspace and they are really good, now number 4 on my personal favourite bands list.