October 29, 2007

Myspace Monday Mix...

I’ve understood that Facebook is growing a whole lot faster than Myspace these days, but Myspace still remains my favorite networking and "finding-new-music" tool. Below some of the stuff I’ve learned about in (what seems to be) the "old-fashioned" way.

Anyone remember God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me by Aberdeen City? If so, you might be interested in listening to the new demo track Whose Blood Is It? I know I was!
+ Whose Blood Is It

The Imaginary Orchestra of Mr. Kite keeps recording and giving away new songs, and so does The Papertiger Sound. If you enjoyed the previous works of these two bands, the new tracks certainly won't a disappointment!
+ The Imaginary Orchestra of Mr. KiteMind The Gap
+ The Papertiger SoundA Chorus

Swedish indie pop band Bye bye bicycle shares a new track from the forthcoming EP This Is West. Of course the band hails from Gothenburg!
+ Footsteps

Finally J.A. recommends Spanish shoegazers Then (3 more freebies there). Always great being introduced to a new shoegaze inspired band!
+ Freefall


Daniel said...

Finally someone who got the hang on Aberdeen City....they are just a really really nice band. Check them out !

And after you checked them, have a look for "mute math".

Parklife said...

I don't really like Myspace - it's slow, ugly and cluttered with annoying ads but of course it's a good tool to find new bands. I don't think Facebook has a music option - or has it...?

stytzer said...

@Peter - no I don't think it has. And I agree with your complaints about myspace. However I like the bulletin function and since several bands prefer myspace to a webpage, it remains a great way to find recently published tracks.

Mr Rossy said...

Thanks for The Papertiger Sound, i like there vid, it's filled round Norwich, yeah !!!!

Like it lots and lots, i didn't include them on my 56 cities,damn !!