October 12, 2007

William and the Lava...

As mentioned a few times before The William Blakes has/have (what's correct?) been busy recording their debut album and last night the first appetizer/preview track finally arrived in my mailbox. I've been quite anxious to listen to the result of the recordings and luckily the new version of Violent God doesn't disappoint. The vocals aren't as dominating or (perhaps) shrilled as they were on the demo (which probably was my only objection) and musically this still sounds like a lovely mix of Arcade Fire and Talking Heads. The debut album will be called Wayne Coyne and I'll keep you posted when I have any information on the date of release.
+ Violent God

"The week of the Lava" is coming to an end now, so this is fifth and finally promo track from All Juice No Fruit. Once again I strongly recommend that you order the album right now as the three boys of The Floor Is Made Of Lava have produced an excellent debut album!
+ You Ain't a Bitch (Bitch)

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