November 23, 2007


New Italian label 42 Records has a MP3 compilation out called 42 More Songs, which, if I'm not mistaken, contains 15(!) new recordings entirely by Italian artists. Unfortunately the page is only in Italian, so I might have missed some crucial information, as my Italian is somewhat less than fluent (call it non-existing if you like). But the language of music is universal and since this amazing collection of songs is free to download, I cannot recommend it enough. Especially as a lovely new track by the wonderful trio A Classic Education are among the freebies. And as a Dane I obviously had to check out the band calling itself København Store. Grab it and get a quick and pleasant introduction to some really fine Italian artists.
+ Lovers Barricade
+ We Came Down From The North
+ Magpie - Milk (best track)


Maple Syrup Gigs said...

awesome! a.c.e. is now a six piece!

Martine said...

Oh my, thank you ever so much! I adore A Classic Education, but their songs are so hard to find, thank you.