November 19, 2007

Another tired Monday...

I've been listening a lot to the track Sequential by Onetwo posted by A Plague Of Angels. Onetwo is a collaboration between Claudia Brücken (ex-Propaganda) and Paul Humphreys (ex-OMD) and the track has brought back some very sweet memories from the summer of 85, where I listened a lot to A Secret Wish and Crush.

What's the weather like today? This track by Ray says it all!
+ November's Rain

Swedish label Songs I Wish I Had Written is no longer a record label, but a music label:
" We are officially a music label. Records belong to the past and we'll work in a direction that will mean that we eventually stop producing CDs. The world is not ready for the change yet, but we'll take the lead to the exciting musical future ahead. Soon it's the music that will truly rule the world. The love of music."

Is it ok for a band to call itself Creep and then record a track called Radiohead? Cannot find any info on the band, but it doesn't really matter, as the song is absolutely awful!
+ Radiohead


Anonymous said...

whoever you are, you judge too fast.
ok first of all, radiohead by creep?
and it's not an awful song, it's got feeling.
did you even listen to the whole effing song?
radiohead kicks.
that's all i have to say.

stytzer said...

The track has been removed now, but it was indeed called Radiohead by a band called Creep. I obviously know the brilliant Creep by Radiohead and therefore thought it was rather ridiculous calling yourself Creep and recording a track called Radiohead.